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A highly customized approach working with each client


A highly customized approach in designing a website for you means that we will work with the goals, preferences, timeline and budget you have. Your questions and dilemmas will be addressed as you bring them. If you need help clarifying what you offer and who your clients are, we will start at the core with the purpose of your website. If you have a vision of where you want to see your business a year from now, we will design your website to be a tool to get you there faster. Are you specific on how you want to present yourself? We will focus on every detail of the website to portray you accordingly and help you develop your brand. Anything specific that matters to you? Feel free to bring it to the table.

Project Agreement

A written Project Agreement is based on the determined scope of your new website. It will list the number and kinds of pages your site will consist of, complimentary items, the project’s start and completion dates, the fees and payment terms. The Project Agreement is reviewed until every detail is in order, as it serves as a binding contract for the project. For any substantial project changes the Project Agreement will be amended as necessary.


The timeline document presents the website project broken into weekly increments. It covers agenda for each week, what is expected of you by the end of that week and what will be prepared and implemented by us that week.

Consultation and tutorials 

C O N S U L T A T I O N – A work week starts with a phone consultation appointment lasting 1/2 hour or longer as needed. Consultation is a mix of business coaching and practical how-to instructions. We will cover week’s tasks of the week, address your questions or have mini tutorial session on any specific aspect of creating material for your site.

T U T O R I A L S – Tutorials on a specific subject are available through a variety of resource materials. Some mini tutorials will be given in our consultation sessions, and tutorials covering website editing and maintenance can be provided upon request.


During the duration of your web-design project you can expect high and timely responsiveness via email, and quicker communication when necessary via phone or text.

Once completed, if you need your website edited, software updated or have new copy and content pages to add, you can expect a fast response – typically within 24 hours of your request.

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