A Letter to Therapists

Your practice is your business

How to make it grow

Dear therapist,

If you wish to have a really nice website, it helps to be realistic – it does take work and effort to make it right. The right stands for you and what you offer being presented clearly so that your prospective clients understand that you can make a real difference for them. The right also stands for you being satisfied with how well your website reflects you, so that when you share it, you do it in confidence.

The prep work starts with having clarity about what you offer, where you come from and where you want to go. The next step, profiling your prospective clients, takes thoughtfulness and empathy. This new clarity about your practice, and your clients, needs to be put into copy that speaks directly to who your clients are, their needs and concerns. Good design serves purpose of supporting your copy with the best layout, color scheme, images and quotes that are aligned with your message. A quality website is a result of the time, work, learning, writing and the cost for web design services you have invested in.

Imagine that, after all the work is done, often weeks or even months later, you learn that having a website didn’t mean that it would be seen many prospective clients or bring you business. How would that feel? Like being back to square one?  In our first conversation you will hear me say: “Your website sitting on a server is like a business card in your pocket. Unless you hand it out, it won’t do the job.” In other words, you’ll need to promote your website so that your website can promote your business. Consider the necessity for a promotion strategy from the start.

Finally we arrived at the most dreaded necessity of staying in business: marketing! Most people cringe at the very mention of the word. What comes to your mind when you hear “marketing”? The in-your-face ads? Relentless attempts to get your attention? Manipulation? How can all that be compatible with your therapy practice? If it is, perhaps you missed your calling!

How can you market your practice without the marketing you have aversion to?  You can if you forget marketing as you know it and focus instead on providing help and support to more people. You can do that by creating quality content that educates, encourages and inspires your audience. Think of such content as supplements to therapy. How often do you have ideas about simple things that would help your client after the session is over? You can use your website to share it, not just for that one client but in a more universal expression that speaks to many other people who are dealing with similar issues.

This very website is dedicated to therapists like you who want to connect with people who need them most. Many pages of content and tools here are available to you when you find yourself perplexed about “promoting your practice online”. There is a right way to do it, the way aligned with your integrity and thoughtful approach you have in your work. We will show you how. Applying new skills to develop relationships with your audience, will surprise you how fun and creative the process can be. While contributing to the wellness of others is gratifying on its own, getting new clients is essential to staying in business. Promoting your practice in a right way takes care of both – supporting your client base and growing your practice.